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Posts 5, I like the new blood, I wonder how the format is like. On Vevmo, they put all of the cast members into their respective locations that they filmed RW. I’m shocked and glad the Key West Real Worlders aren’t on there. Because Tyler, Johnny, and Paula were in the most recent ones and if they could’ve gotten Janelle or Svetlana, they’d have a full team. But it’s good that they’re not in because their team would be extremely one sided compared to the rest especially since all three of them won the same challenge with Rivals. Las Vegas 1 and 2:

Talk:The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II

Along the way, they get drunk, brawl and hook up. And there is a hot tub. Everyone is just going to come back — over, and over and over again, season after season, whether you like it or not. Also competing is crazy Frank from San Diego, who likes to break dinnerware and start fights after drinking.

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At the house, Zach comments about how Jonna is a space cadet. Nia gives him the good advice of not letting her know that, telling him that encouragement is probably a better strategy. Sarah cries 5 points. Jordan appreciates the letter, they have an awkward hug and are getting along again. The challenge is called Speed Dating. Each team starts on one rig, next to an empty wall.

Once both rigs reach 30mph, the girl is sent to jump to the other rig, grab up to 2 balls from the wall on that rig and then jump back and put the balls in the wall. There are two spots on the course where there are smoke stacks, forcing the rigs to separate. So they gotta pay attention here. Unlike many challenges, this one gets specific on rules and protocol.

Nia hesitates at first because it is jumping from one moving semi to another, but then they get a rhythm going. They get 10 balls in. Jonna falls on her first jump back, costing them maybe 5 seconds, which Zach in interview acts like is a big deal.

Real World

Well, neither can cast member Mark Long. The network premiered the adventure series on July 19, , to be a sister series to The Real World and put in an impressive 14 seasons before being phased out once and for all in due to the success of The Challenge. The reality show had humble beginnings: Five or six strangers lived in an RV and their travels were guided by a series of clues and missions.

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E08 This week’s challenge is straight out of an action movie. Each team is perched on top of two semi trucks that are right next to each other, and teammates jump back and forth to grab colored balls off of one truck and deposit them in a thing on the other. Sarah is amped about this one and can’t stop saying how cool she thinks it is. Even the people who are a little freaked out have to admit that this is a cool challenge, and it doesn’t even involve any swimming, for a change. Last week ‘s Power Couple Jay and Jenna get to choose the challenge order, and they choose Leroy and Nia to be first, of course, which only has one problem: Jenna can’t spell Leroy’s name, even though it is written on his shirt.

Teej explains that while Jonna and Zach “did really good” with eleven balls, the last one didn’t count because Zach that’s Zach, not the woman he likes to berate every five minutes didn’t follow the rules and wait for Jonna to finish on the last round.

The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II

Some additional things to note about these numbers: If the numbers indicate a clear advantage, then the eye test does even more so. Again, advantage all around to Team Bananas. Team Bananas — 1.

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Format Battle of the Exes II follows the same format as the original Battle of the Exes challenge click here for further information , with the following differences: After the first eight “Dome” games, a losing team will have a chance to re-join the competition in ” Battle of the EX-iled ,” which will pit a newly eliminated couple against the winner of the previous week’s “Ex-iled” winner. Ex-ile matches and mini episodes were shown on MTV. Sources for this section:

Zach, no longer involved romantically with Jonna, is going to have an adversarial relationship with Jonna and Nany. Nany, dating back to her Real World: Las Vegas days, will be connected to Leroy.

About Amanda The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2: Leroy is gunning for Jay because it was his decision to put Leroy and Nia in the dome last week. The next morning Sarah is really bothered that she and Jordan are still at odds with each other. Sarah decides to write Jordan a letter to try to smooth things over. Jordan forgives Sarah for the things that were said and done and they hug and make up. Holy crap that would be hard!!

Not only do they have to jump from one to another, but they also need to grab two balls from the one rig and then jump back over to the other rig with the two balls and place them in the contraption thing. They will go one at a time. First the girl goes, then when she gets back, the guy can go. But there are these smoke tanks in the middle of the road and the trucks will momentarily separate making it impossible to jump.

Also, the guys must stay on the outside of the girls or their safety gear will get tangled up and they will be stuck. So their obvious choice is Leroy and Nia. Leroy is screaming at Nia to go but she is just frozen with fear.

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E02 This week’s episode really highlights how much better Battle of the Exes works when the couples are actual exes and not just people who made out one time. These are actual stakes, and we feel them through the screen. People keep talking about how much it sucks to “work together,” which would be hilarious except that this really is their job.

When Jonna and Zach broke up after “Battle of the Seasons,” she felt that her former friend Jonna chose Zach’s side over hers. Dunbar Merrill and Tyrie Ballard Dunbar Merrill (L) and Tyrie Ballard (R).

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The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2: Episode 8 RECAP (aired 2/24)

Battle of the Exes II” takes 26 of the most infamous former flames, recent splits and, for the first time in series history, fresh faces from another MTV reality series, “Are You The One? Will romances be rekindled or will unresolved issues ruin these pairs? Between the bitter rivalries, jealous lovers, and demanding challenges, it’ll take the ultimate couple to withstand the pressures of the game. A brand new, mid-season twist called “Battle of the Ex-iled” will shock the cast like never before, making the stakes even higher.

Jonna Mannion and Jay Gotti — Battle of the Exes II When Jonna Mannion and Zach Nichols hooked up, no one was surprised. Jonna is often referred to as one of the most attractive people on the show, and Zach does well with his Thor-like looks and physique.

The Challenge Theory VI: Top 10 Male and Female Competitors So far there have been 28 total seasons of “The Challenge” that has spanned over 16 total years. In this post of my theories, I am going to break down the top 10 male competitors and the top 10 female competitors in the history of the show. Now my qualifications for this are not necessarily who has won the most, but the players in order that I feel are the greatest in the shows history.

If these 10 were to go up against each other in a battle of wits, then the number 1 competitor would be the last one standing when all is said and done. Now I know that we can not always treat every season of the show equally, but I will be basing it off of challenges won, missions won, eliminations won, and overall politics. Here we go, I am going to first start with the women: There might be more than one player at any one position because both are at the same position 10 – Aneesa Ferreira Aneesa really didn’t become a hardcore challenger until her third season on the “Gauntlet II” where she was on the Veteran team.

Beforehand, she didn’t really make much noise outside of making it into the inner circle after “Sergeant Says” in “Battle of the Sexes” With that said, Aneesa went on to compete in eight more challenges and at one point owning the all time record for the most elimination wins amongst all female challengers at eight total. While Aneesa is tough and grimy, she doesn’t really perform as well in the individual missions, but she is known for making it at least close to the end and at one point had a bit of a rivalry with Paula “Walnuts”.

At the end of the day, Aneesa has “zero” challenge victories, but has made it to two total final missions with the Veterans and then in on the “Duel 2” where she took third place along with Mark Long. While I do not see Aneesa winning any challenges in the future, she is still a competitor and a tough cookie. While Jenn never won a final, she was able to win three total eliminations and was a runner up in a “face-off”.

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My thinking is that we make the time period in which a team is in exile, a light yellow, RGB: Merge the cells depending on how long their in exile, have those boxes say “EXILE” and then dark grey cells after they’re gone. The team won in the Dome. The team lost in the Dome and was sent to Ex-ile. The team won the Ex-iled match, and remained in Ex-ile.

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Gumball strongly dislikes being kissed by her. She is short, wears a pair of cats-eye glasses with purple lenses, and, being an old woman, she has wrinkled lips, saggy breasts similar to Miss Simian , making them some of the few female characters on the show to have breasts , and crow’s feet on the skin around her eyes though her crow’s feet could just be eyelashes. In Season 1 she wears a beige polka-dotted dress with a white collar and sleeve cuffs and white socks with black shoes, and she has 3 black whiskers on each cheek and straight ears, both of which resemble Richard’s.

In Season 2, she wears a plain beige dress with white sleeve cuffs and she keeps her original footwear. She is shorter, has extra facial features, a smaller, rounder head, wider hips, ears that now resemble Anais’, shorter light grey whiskers, grey eyebrows, and an overall grouchier appearance, implying she has aged further. In ” The Choices ” and ” The Cycle “, when she is shown at a younger age, she has slightly fewer wrinkles and black eyebrows, and she wears a yellow collared dress with a light brown vest.

Personality Granny Jojo has a grouchy and somewhat lazy personality.

MOST LIKELY TO GET BACK WITH THIER EX! W/ Zach Clayton Nick bean Edwin Burgos