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The 80s, when lots of wild things like that were happening. Ebert convinced Oprah to syndicate her show, because of the success he had with Sneak Previews. So, without Roger Ebert, there would be no Oprah. He, like, invented her. Barbara Hershey and Sayid from Lost When: They started dating in , despite their twenty-one year age difference and the fact that Barbara Hershey kind of scares me. Broken up, as of No longer a thing, although rumors sparked up in that the two were again an item. I still find it weird.

Michael Lohan — MERRY CHRISTMAS From My Second Family … And Tan Mom … And …

Brown David is a lifelong dissident and intellectual rebel. He despises political correctness, which replaces real, needy victims with narcissistic leftists out for a free meal. Though still a young man, he has watched society descend into its present morass with great sadness, combined with a determination to help make things better. He tweets when there’s something worth tweeting here. All her past misdeeds, which completely contradict her new identity, will be washed away.

To the surprise of many people, including my early teenage self, Lindsay Lohan became a kind of sex symbol years ago.

Drsellabaktick February 14, at am. Quite the schnozz on this bitch. Would still fuck both her nostrils though.

This according to a now uncensored list that Lindsay supposedly wrote herself, included in the newest issue of In Touch Weekly. In Touch Weekly, who released the Scattergories playing card originally revealing only 18 of the “conquests,” says Lindsay “loves being linked to good-looking, famous, successful men. We assume they, too, will eventually be released. Here are the newest additions: In Touch As we did with the last batch of names, we deep dived into Lindsay’s past and pants? Here are the results of our dick-style sleuthing.

We mean dick like private eye. A National Enquirer story published last year claimed they had a fling before he started dating Demi Moore. Would we be surprised? If only because she once also dated Asthon’s bud Wilmer Valderrama. Ryan Phillippe Lindsay and Ryan were rumored to have “definitely hooked up” in , as he was divorcing Reese Witherspoon this according to Us Weekly.

The two may have met at Voyeur and Lindsay may have “loved the drama” this, again, according to Us Weekly.

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Can’t wait to find out about the latest addition to the Brangelina family? If so, this list is definitely for you. Gossip has been a huge business for years, and blogs have made it more accessible than ever. No longer do you have to worry about someone seeing you with the latest issue of a tabloid in-hand, you can just log on, and with just a few clicks, know everything possible about your favorite famous person’s night out at some hot club.

In Touch Weekly is revealing more of the blurred out names on Lindsay Lohan’s handwritten “Lovers List.”. Newly exposed conquests included actors Ashton Kutcher, Ryan Phillipe, Orlando Bloom, Benecio Del Toro and restaurant heir Maggio Cipriani.

Their boss is an obsequious, pint-sized Korean immigrant Matthew Moy , the cook an over-sexed sleazeball Jonathan Kite , the cashier a wise and hep older black dude Garrett Morris. They become roommates, then co-workers and then partners in a struggling cupcake business. It might all sound familiar, but the writers and directors pump so much heart and soul into the characters and situations they make me actually care whether Martha Stewart loves their cupcakes which, in the hysterical first-season finale, she did.

It was a fascinating experience seeing how differently a scene played with a slight inflection here or a different word there. All that hard work comes out in the episodes on these DVDs some of the scenes cut from the final episode versions are included as welcomed extras. When we last saw lead besties Max Black and Caroline Channing, they were over the moon about their unorthodox meeting with style maven Martha Stewart — who not only sampled one of their premium cupcakes the Beer-Batter Maple-Bacon Spring-Break cupcake , but also said she liked it and admired them.

What more sustenance would two struggling waitresses-turned-entrepreneurs need? Whereas season one of the hit CBS show was all about meeting cute, sharing dreams, and attempting to live down the fact that one of the fathers bilked investors out of millions of dollars, the second season is more about character and relationships:

Lindsay Lohan’s Connection to The Real Housewives Just Got Even More Fabulous

All that matters is the list of conquests, which she helpfully put on a numbered list that was supposedly left behind during drinks with friends at the Beverly Hills Hotel in late January. So who is on the list? At least 36 people, but about half of them have been blurred out for unknown reasons.

James Franco: Lindsay Lohan Was Too Young to Have Sex With! by Tyler Johnson at May 1, pm. Updated at May 3, pm.

Army during World War II. He is a former law enforcement officer and a retired professor of criminal justice who, in , founded the Texas Narcotic Officers Association. BarkGrowlBite refuses to be politically correct. Copyrighted articles are reproduced in accordance with the copyright laws of the U. Code, Title 17, Section There are 36 of them!

In Touch magazine claims to have obtained Lohan’s “personal conquest list” after she allegedly wrote it all down and neglected to destroy it.

UPDATE: More of Lindsay Lohan’s Alleged Hollywood Hookup List Revealed

Share this article Share Her father, Michael Lohan, added: Dina is not putting pressure on anyone. New York State of Mind: Lindsay originally hails from New York but after years of living on the West Coast returned to Manhattan to film her documentary and sort her life out Sprawling:

 · Lindsay Lohan, who is now making a living out of being an on-again, off-again “Muslim,” is a prime example of how a celebrity—or plain promiscuous woman—expects to be celebrated and fawned over even after years of hypocrisy. All her past misdeeds, which completely contradict her new identity, will be washed

And worst of all, your hate makes you believe anything. JLaw has been my sister’s client for some time now. They’ve known each other for years because of J’s agent whom my sister shares clients with. The girl is not a whore, she’s not someone who would even go near a casting couch because she’s always been so afraid of “selling out. She’s deathly afraid of being overexposed but knows that the machine that runs the show will eventually take it there. So she’s always been adamant with my sister as well as the rest of her team to keep her image as close to the public as possible.

I’ve interacted with her on enough occasions and due to my family connections and own personal experience, I can honestly say, this girl is not the type. You can just tell especially from one female to another. In person she’s an absolute doll, witty, friendly and very very intelligent. And she is very talented, her wisdom allows her to take things on that usually a much more mature actress would be able to pull off.

I’m not saying she hasn’t been miscast but directors love her because she’s got an old soul and a wit to match. Lindsay is a passed around prostitute, her and Paris Hilton used to get into some horrific shit here and overseas. I was witness to Lindsay doing cocaine for 72 hours straight at the Marmont while trying to sell sobriety to the public. I wasn’t with her for that duration, I just walked into her room not knowing it was her room and fell upon a disgusting scene, a drug fest that no human being should be a part of.

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Lindsay Lohan and Rehab: Rachel Osman examines her six years of rehab drama. The year-old Lohan, with a steady stream of brushes with the law, has spent more time in Los Angeles courthouses and rehab facilities than on movie sets in recent years. With the completion of her sixth round of rehab Tuesday , Lohan once again has the opportunity to turn her life around.

Read on for a complete rundown of her legal troubles and subsequent attempts to get sober over the past six years. Rehab Stint 1 In January , a year-old Lohan entered rehab for the first time, voluntarily checking herself into the Wonderland Center in Los Angeles.

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Or behavior therapist, whichever comes first, apparently. For being barely legal she speaks rather advanced about loving kinky sex see a connection with her choice of college major? She enjoys watching and participating in BDSM and her biggest fantasy is to one day be part of a train google it , But things on screen and in a young girl’s fantasy are often quite different from reality.

Throughout these nine years, Williams openly admits that her hottest, hot topic is the one and only, Lindsay Lohan. In nine years of William’s show, she’s spoken about Lohan over times! In nine years of William’s show, she’s spoken about Lohan over times!

Celebrity Profiles Lindsay Lohan. At the age of three, she starred in numerous print ads and television spots. Her success in the Disney film led to the opportunity to star in other movies from the major motion picture company, including Freaky Friday and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. In , Lohan starred in what is known as one of the greatest chick flicks ever made. With yet another box office hit, her career was at a high, and her growing fan base allowed her to expand her career into music.

She released two albums in and , which were both a success. During her Disney days, Lohan dated singer Aaron Carter from to and they were a hot celebrity couple. In , she started down a dangerous path filled with struggles and controversy. She has been arrested many times for reckless driving and landed herself in rehab for both drugs and alcohol on more than one occasion.

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