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I’m an Indian, but have been living in USA for the past few years. I have been checking out the pubs and bars in Helsinki area, especially in Kamppi and in Kallio. They are pleasant and mostly play nice music even though the beer prices are kinda absurd Being a yr old single man, the major motivation for going to pub is to check out the women ahem! I have read in many places about the difficulty in getting a Finn to chat up with you. And in almost all cases, it’ll be a Finnish group of men and women and then it seems really rude and difficult to talk to any of them. In my half-a-dozen nights out, I haven’t seen more than a handful of single women or girl groups. Having lived in NYC for the past few years, I find the situation a little bit different.


It supposes that Einstein’s dreams informed his inspiration for his theories on time, and takes a surreal look into his creative impulses. In this story, time is measured in images, not hours or days–time is variously a line, a circle, a hangman’s noose. A musical of this little book– essentially an amalgam of parables — is also in the works. A Stage Portrait This one-person bio-drama covered a lot of territory, with flashbacks from Einstein’s Princeton home to various phases of his personal and professional life.

These Nobel Prize winners differed widely on the scientist’s purpose Einstein believed that his job was to put ideas out there; Haber believed in harnessing his talents to practical application. Einstein, a pacifist, remained a Jew, while Haber pragmatically converted to Christianity, only to learn that to the Germany he loved so much he would always be a Jew.

Copenhagen has a vibrant art scene and is the perfect destination for art lovers. Copenhagen hosts one of the largest art fairs in the world, and there are plenty of art galleries in the city where you can admire Scandinavian minimalism and explore the creativity of local artists.

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City Guide: Copenhagen, Denmark

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If you’ve ever been to Denmark, you can probably tell your friends all about the Tivoli Gardens, Michelin-starred restaurants, and how crowded the Little Mermaid statue was—in others words, you.

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By Andrew Stone, our Scandinavia expert. Copenhagen’s compact dimensions are perfect for exploration on two feet or two wheels. The car has almost no right of way on its most central cobbled streets, which wind past copper spires, sleek modernist civic buildings and quirky boutiques to chocolate-box harbourside vistas.

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LinkedIn Historic, youthful, raucous and refined, Copenhagen can mean many things to many people. For culture there are historic palaces and museums in which Viking and Bronze Age treasures are on display. It all adds up to a dynamic, progressive and fun destination in Denmark. Worth special mention is the Star Flyer, a carousel that hikes riders up 80 metres above the ground.

Little mermaid statue Source: On both sides of the canal are tall painted houses dating to the s and s, the ground floors of which house bars, restaurants and cafes with outdoor seating. The house numbers 18, 20 and 67 marked with a plaque were home to the author Hans Christian Andersen at different times. If you see nothing else take a look at the Trundholm Sun Chariot. According to Norse mythology the sun made its way across the firmament like this, towed by a divine horse.

The Vikings are also well-covered by this museum, and many artefacts from this collection were sent on a tour of the worldin Tip — Check out this 5 star day trip: The highlight of these reception rooms is the Great Hall, 40 metres long and able to seat guests. Rent a bicycle Rent a Bike Copenhagen Copenhagen has to be one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world.

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Early history[ edit ] Although the earliest historical records of Copenhagen are from the end of the 12th century, recent archaeological finds in connection with work on the city’s metropolitan rail system revealed the remains of a large merchant’s mansion near today’s Kongens Nytorv from c. These finds indicate that Copenhagen’s origins as a city go back at least to the 11th century. Substantial discoveries of flint tools in the area provide evidence of human settlements dating to the Stone Age.

Clemens Church had been built. Attacks by the Germans continued, and after the original fortress was eventually destroyed by the marauders, islanders replaced it with Copenhagen Castle. On Absalon’s death, the property was to come into the ownership of the Bishopric of Roskilde. As the fishing industry thrived in Copenhagen, particularly in the trade of herring , the city began expanding to the north of Slotsholmen.

Originally controlled by the Catholic Church , the university’s role in society was forced to change during the Reformation in Denmark in the late s. Copenhagen’s defences were reinforced with a series of towers along the city wall. During the second half of the century, the city prospered from increased trade across the Baltic supported by Dutch shipping. Christoffer Valkendorff , a high-ranking statesman, defended the city’s interests and contributed to its development.

Copenhagen shootings: Police kill man close to scene of deadly synagogue and cafe attacks

November 18, 1. Adding to the historical allure of this place is the rather juicy fact that Hans Christian Anderson lived here, and Kierkegaard also lived nearby. Prepare yourself for crowds though, as this area tends to be extremely busy during the summer months, especially on the bridge and towards the top as this provides the prettiest photographic opportunity. The entire park is beautifully maintained and feels as if you stepped back in time.

Copenhagen is a food hot spot, and new places are opening up all the time, so I cannot keep up with them all. So that a place is not listed here does not mean that is isn’t good. Probably I just haven’t been, or maybe I have but didn’t like it.

Number of draught beers: I get there at 1 PM. Looks like this was some sort of wholesale meat market. Though opposite still seems to be some sort of meat wholesaler. Almost as many staff as customers. I nipped into a cheap supermarket and got myself some rolls, cheese and water. And 2 bottles of Limfjords Porter. And to take notes and snaps.

Copenhagen (København), Denmark

Hans Christian Andersen gave the world fairy tales and lived a bittersweet and likely bisexual life here. Long before there was a Copenhagen, far-ranging Vikings ventured from here to leave their mark across Europe and beyond. The Metro station is at the end of Terminal 3 with service to the center every minutes days and evenings and every minutes at night. Figuring out the fare can sometimes be difficult as there are so many options and zones, but the fine is steep if an inspector finds you on the train without a valid ticket.

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Tivoli Gardens Tivoli Gardens amusement park in Copenhagen is a must for all visitors to the city, young and old. Tivoli is located just a few minutes walk from City Hall, and with the Copenhagen Central Station as Unveiled on 23 August , The Lit Parts of the palace are used by the Royal F Read more Nyhavn Especially during summer Nyhavn is the perfect place to end a long day. Experience royal history at the museum and sense the A visit to Copenhagen’s Zoo in the Frederiksberg area is always a wild and exciting experience.

Copenhagen Zoo houses over 3, animals, which toge The Round Tower The 17th century tower and observatory Rundetaarn, or the round tower, is the oldest functioning observatory in Europe. When Christian IV built the tower, Denmark was quite famous for its astronomic Founded in by the brewer Carl Jacobsen , the art museum contains two m Experiments fizz and sputter and the air fills with square soap bubbl The Open Air Museum north of Copenhagen is one of the largest and oldest in the world.

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