Guest Blogger — Yalda Davis: Rattlesden Church – Suffolk Having been desperate to get out of London for several weeks, I finally booked my tickets to go to Suffolk with my bike for a couple of days, regardless of the weather — but hoping I would be lucky! Which indeed I was. But first things first — the 6. On a one-gear bike at least…. On the way I passed the brilliantly named but only recently signposted Louse Lane. After that I carried on northwards to Rattlesden, a village with a lovely church and pretty thatched cottages. I then had to turn around to head southwest towards Lavenham, intending to take a narrow turn off on the same road as the farm I had just come from, as it is my favourite road in Suffolk so far anyway! However I managed to take a different route back for most of it, which satisfied my rather over-zealous determination never to return by the same road where possible!


Here he shreds a descent on the volcanic ash of Guatemala, and you can read the story behind the photo on page You can take your pick from articles in the Independent about how mountain biking is dead, to articles in the Guardian about how great mountain biking is. Fact is, this sport is in great health. We show you why on page Cutting edge advice in Workshop, p Forward Geometry:

Postings saying “How much does X bike component weigh?” can be found on almost every bicycle related message board. Often the same parts weight is stated several times further down the board.

September 10, Talking to social media on 9 September, the year-old sportswoman paid a touching tribute to the real love of her life- her sister Venus. Alongside a collage of the pair at different stages of their careers, she wrote: A lifetime with venuswilliams will not be enough. And over the past 17 years they have battled it out on the court, as both rivals and partners.

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Cycling — Cycling, also called bicycling or biking, is the use of bicycles for transport, recreation, exercise or sport. Persons engaged in cycling are referred to as cyclists, bikers, or less commonly, apart from two-wheeled bicycles, cycling also includes the riding of unicycles, tricycles, quadracycles, recumbent and similar human-powered vehicles. Bicycles were introduced in the 19th century and now approximately one billion worldwide.

They are the means of transportation in many parts of the world. Cycling is widely regarded as an effective and efficient mode of transportation optimal for short to moderate distances. Cycling also offers a reduced consumption of fuels, less air or noise pollution.

[] picture frame mat 投稿者:OEyYT 投稿日:/10/28(Tue) Everytime i go here im excitedThank You Very Much For Show ing This Info.

Campy Nuovo Record headset. In good used condition. Let me know if you have any questions! Payment BluePrint Bikes is a bicycle centric seller. Located in Dallas, Texas. We have particular interest in older track bikes and parts, but our passion for road riding keeps us stocked with modern road parts! Please feel free to ask any questions, or send any comments! We accept consignments, and we buy straight out.

If you’re ever visiting Dallas, send me a message! I’ll show you my favorite routes, and make you a great espresso!

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Auckland Part 2 We will advise you to: That means that you need to dating yourself first before making commitment fating others. It is also one of the most important requirements to get the dating of love you want.

Jul 12,  · Components are not terribly useful when dating frames many early English components had quite long production lives, Williams of course had dates on chainsets.

Sat Nov 15, 9: Thu Jun 18, 1: Sheppey, Kent Got this interesting little number from Biggs. It’s a Saxon Twin Tube referring to the seat tube. We received it with 26″ wheels which included a 4 speed Sturmey Archer hub with 2 sprockets i. However the twin tube is supposed to be to allow the rear wheel to sit further forward so it should really have 27″ wheels I think which we fitted to see how it would work, result is exactly how it should look in my opinion.

Although the brake drop is very shallow now and I do wonder if it was originally built for tubs c. Anyway I’m not entirely sure how far I’m going to go with the restoration, it may get a full respray, it may not probably not! The build will be a fixed wheel so that it doesn’t have to have many components distracting from the unusual frame.

I absolute love this, can’t wait to ride it with the short wheel base and the massive rake on the forks I think it’ll be great!!! This one is a keeper for sure A lot of you will probably recognise this garden Another interesting number from SA In our shop Looks pretty good and could be fine as it was but it’s not quite right!

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If you have several sets of wheels to chose from, are they all the same size? The brake placement should tell you which size is correct. By moving the derailleur right to left, you should be able to figure out how many cogs the derailleur can handle.

Nov 22,  · What would also be interesting is the dating of the Williams Chainset. Like solid silver has a hallmark, the Williams Chainsets also had an identifiable mark .

Note the top tube wire guides and special mounting bracket for the Lucifer dynamo, a nice touch. This is pretty much how my dad speced the bike when he had it built. It’s hardly been ridden and lives in Auckland at my Mum’s place. I particularly like the groovy shallow drop handlebars which I’ve never seen before nor since.

This is a Gillot dating probably from the s. It was in my dad’s posession but originally belogned to hisyoungest brother, who toured Britain on it in the early s.

Venus Williams

I pulled out my copies of The Data Book , Rebour by Rob Van der Plas , as well as the small collection of Le Cycle and Le Cyclist magazine in my library to review spindle and crankset design through the decades. I also checked Bicycle Design to see if it contained any chapters on crankset and bottom bracket design, which it did not. As it turned out, the best resource for my research was VeloBase.

After learning from the Rebour book and The Data Book that Gnutti had introduced a splined spindle and crankarm by at least or , I searched VeloBase and found several examples of this design. From the Rebour drawing above you can see that the splined portion was nice and long, and was also spliced. There are a boatload of splines on this spindle, and the splined area is very long — so it does seem like a robust product, especially when compared to the Shimano Octalink V1 spindle, with its very short splines.

A little bit about me so you know where I’m coming from; I like chocolate-and-peanut-butter-based products, I like mountain biking, and talking about mountain bikes (i.e. XTR, 8-speed chainsets, Avid brakelevers, Sachs, CODA cranks, bar ends, etc.).

Parts 1, —1, by Angharad If you wish to make a comment please go to the original part by part posting on BigCloset TopShelf. At one point Stella was on the mobile phone to Simon, who had been told at the office that one of his kids appeared to be missing. That she had been sexually abused some years before was in his opinion very much more of a handicap to her and other children than having the wrong sexual organs. She is a little girl now in everything but ovaries. Once we got past Salisbury, a giant bottleneck usually, I felt a little easier—probably because the end of our journey was in sight.

Finally, after what seemed like an age we pulled into the drive, nearly hitting the police car which was parked in my usual space. I grabbed Catherine and ran into the house, leaving Stella to bring her baby and the luggage in. I noticed Danny going out to help her. He shook his head. Still if it meant they found her, so much the better. I demanded to see Sister Maria and after kicking my heels for a good fifteen minutes I was allowed to speak with her. She was in registration, but no one seems to remember seeing her after that.

She looked aghast at me.