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To avoid driving in the worst heat we left early and with a warm but uneventful journey we arrived in Slovakia in good time. We pulled into a garage at the Slovakian border to get another Vignett toll sticker then had to find somewhere to stick it as our windscreen is beginning to fill up. Having visited Bratislava before we located the campsite easily.

Once parked up Neil realised while trying to hook up the electric he had accidentally during a de-clutter unpacked our European adaptor.

Oct 21,  · Once parked up Neil realised while trying to hook up the electric he had accidentally during a de-clutter unpacked our European adaptor. Poor Neil in nearly 40° had to walk to a nearby yachting shop to purchase a plug to get our aircon on.

Share via Email Bratislava: Alamy Bratislava is a simple beast. Skulking quietly in the shadow of Vienna and Budapest, the capital of Slovakia is often rushed through as tourists make a beeline for those more grandiose cities. A quick look round the castle, a plate of meat hastily wolfed down, and they’re off, mumbling something about how small they found it all. Yet unlike its Danube counterparts, it boasts something far more appealing than any Baroque facade or thermal bath: Much like its beefier half-brother Prague, it takes the art of beer-making very seriously.

And, in recent years, an exciting new trend has developed: Popping up in unexplored crevices of the city, these tucked-away drinking caves specialise in home-produced lagers, and are packed full of discerning but guzzling locals, who’ve grown tired of the mass-produced fare. As a self-confessed beer enthusiast living in Prague, I couldn’t resist a weekend sojourn to seek out these much talked-about beer dens.

Could they match up to the already excellent and more well-known Czech and Slovak beers? Here is a rundown of my best finds. If we’ve missed one of your favourites, tell us about it in the comments below. Offering a modern take on an old, dark-wood pub, its simple tables line the main bar, and in the adjoining smoking salon, a huge brass beer tank forms the centrepiece for smokers to cluster around.

Lake Bled, Slovenia to Bratislava, Slovakia

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This isn’t where I parked my car. So I tell the swamp donkey to sock it before I give her a trunky in the tradesman’s entrance and have her lick me yarbles! You guys are on like a completely different level of swearing over here. Oh, here it is. Oh, here’s a fun fact: You made out with your sister, man! Let me handle this, I speak better German. I have been driving for 14 hours straight and I haven’t slept in three days and I am wired on schnapps, benzedrine, and those little chocolate covered peanuts.

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There ain’t no Prada or LV in Bratislava, or at least we didn’t see any, but there’s a lot of fun real life stuff happening here. The riding today was pretty pedestrian. Flat straight bike paths through fields mostly, overcast, and a decent headwind. We were however somewhat excited that we were going to be going into our first for us new country.

Our initial impressions weren’t great. Like most cities, when you enter them you go through either industrial areas or the newly built areas. In Brataslava’s case this meant riding through some of the old Soviet era apartment blocks and warehouses. Even though it was Saturday, not much appeared to be going on and there were very few people about. As we rode along the rive and approached the Old Town, things picked up a bit and a tour boat docked It was also a little run down compared to Vienna.

We checked into our hotel which was about 1 km out of the Old Town, got cleaned up and headed back into town to check it out and get some dinner. With each step and new street we started to like this place. Yeah, it was a little rougher than Vienna and yeah there were lots of tourists here, but everyone was enjoying themselves and it felt really good.

1. Visit the most iconic landmark of Bratislava, The Bratislava Castle

Despite the young age of the nation, Slovakia and its capital, Bratislava had a tumultuous past, experiencing wars, and being a part of several much larger republics. Bratislava itself, is a rather small city, with a population of only around , In a way, this city seems much more like a town, with a relaxed and peaceful environment.

Here, crazy traffic, crowded streets and loud city noise are rarely found.

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Slovaks resemble Czech or Polish girls. They are not quite as attractive in the face as those countries especially Poland , but statistically they are in better shape, with lower rates of females classified as overweight or obese. Typical to Eastern Europe, girls take care of their weight. Most of the local talent hibernate during the week and emerge on Friday and Saturday nights.

If you do, day game is your best option. I recommend staying as near to St. Unfortunately many of the gyms in the city are pussy-gyms with no free weights. Go to the student village 10 mins by taxi if you visit mid-week.

First Time In Bratislava, Slovakia