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Asshole warns about it and then kills nine. First he asked if they were Christian. If so he killed them. You probably know all that. And you also know that Obongo, without waiting to get all the facts, jumps right in trying to abolish the 2nd Amendment. You know that, too. But did you need this arrogant, narcissistic egotist posing as president referred to himself 28 times in his diatribe?

The Internet’s Losing Its Shit Over Donald Trump’s Birthday Tweet to Melania

My husband was wonderful until he quit his job in trying to become an entreprenuer. Since then its been up and down. Lately its been down and I wish I never married him. He walked out on his last job in January, stays at home for 22 hours a day, never tries to find any friends, does not cook, does not clean the kitchen, just washes the clothes does not fold them.

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Unique and Appealing Dating Profile Examples for Women This article has some fantastic online dating profile examples for women which can help them attract many people on the Internet. Read on to know more. These days, it has been observed that the popularity of online dating among youngsters is rising at a great pace. There are many people who have found their life partners through online dating.

That is why the number of people associated with dating sites has increased considerably. For dating online, both men and women need to have a good knowledge about how to write a dating profile. This profile will help people know what kind of person you are and what are your interests and expectations. How to Create a Dating Profile The most important of all tips is that the profile must be short and concise.

Profiles that are too long will not create a good impression. You can use casual language in your profile and make it sound friendly. In your profile, you will be introducing yourself in short by giving your name, education details, your personality, hobbies and special interests.

I Married A Loser!

He uses your past against you. I am an open book to anyone I find myself comfortable talking to. Little did I know that too much honesty would bring me no good in a relationship. How did he use this against me? He formulated in his mind that I basically sleep around with men. From day one, I had been nothing but open and honest to the ex; the very first day we met, I let him check my phone—social media profile, messages, etc.

Early life. Arpaio was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, on June 14, , to Italian parents, both from Lacedonia, Italy. Arpaio’s mother died while giving birth to him, and he was raised by his father, who ran an Italian grocery store. Arpaio completed high school and worked in his father’s business until age 18 when he enlisted in the United States Army.

Nietzsche begins his premise with the assumption that God does not exist, and if God does not exist, thus objective morality and inherent value are not possible since there is no ultimate being that exists to create morality and value in the first place. Nietzsche’s Ubermensch will act as his own God, giving himself morality and value as he sees fit according to him alone.

The Ubermensch is neither slave or master as he does not impose his will upon others. The Ubermensch is an independent individual who has the power to banish herd instincts from his mind and become a master of self discipline. Above all, the Ubermensch is the next step in human evolution. Every human must deal with the question “What is the meaning of life”- some say God and Heaven, others say ultimate objective virtue, but the Ubermensch will give life value that is not based on superstition or mystical folly.

Joe Arpaio

Read a book, watch an in-depth movie, stretch your mental capacity. Aw, does this hurt your feelings? But you know it is.

Virgo daily horoscope for today. How and in what ways a Virgo daily horoscope can help in the development of a person’s awareness of people and things around them.

About 45 percent of people between the ages of 10 and 18 suffer more men than women , as well as some of our biggest and sparkliest celebrities , including Britney Spears, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Eva Mendes. Nail-biting can have devastating and disgusting effects if it becomes too severe. Irreparable damage can be caused to the sufferer’s cuticles if nothing is done about the condition. It can also harm teeth, and has been shown to transfer bacteria from around your body into your mouth.

Cases have been reported of people transferring pinworms from the anus to the mouth by nail biting. Along with bad cuticles, gross teeth and ass worms in your mouth, nail biting also can affect a person’s employability, self-esteem and social interactions. In effect, your harmless little habit could lead you to become homeless, alone and dead. Getty You could be Phil Collins.

Doctors may recommend aversion therapy to help stop your cuticle chomping ways, like a gross-tasting nail polish to discourage yourself from putting your nails in your mouth. In the Netherlands, a former health industry and cosmetics promoter has invented a treatment for onychophagists. Behavioral therapy utilizes habit reversal training to help identify the urges nail-biting , and replace them with something more constructive literally anything.

Confident. Incorrigible. Bully: Little Donny was a lot like candidate Donald Trump

John Holcroft One of the great strengths of the English language is the number of ways it provides to describe people who annoy us. True, German has the word “Backpfeifengesicht” — “a face in need of a punch” — but English overwhelms us with options, thanks partly to its abundance of vulgarisms. If I call you a “wanker” I mean something subtly different from a “dickhead”.

It can be hard to pinpoint these nuances without resort to further swearing, as demonstrated by users of urbandictionary. We can presumably all agree that Simon Cowell is a bit of a tosser. But his success makes it hard to dismiss him as a fuckwit, while it’s not clear he’s guilty of the malice that would condemn him as a shit.

Pastor claims that you are robbing god if you do not donate 10% of your income. Later says that being in debt is not an excuse and that donating 10% will eventually get you out of debt.

VB Summit Oct 23 – 24 Dabble in online dating? It turns out that the crippling fear of an awkward first date is the least of your troubles. The scam typically works like this: A con artist, usually based in an Internet cafe overseas, will lift a photo from Facebook or another social networking site. They will painstakingly craft a fake profile and begin targeting people that are looking for love. He or she will begin the courtship process by sending letters and love poems for a period of weeks and finally offer to fly to meet their victim.

Within hours of the expected arrival time, an emergency will strike: In many cases, scammers will choose to use pictures of military personnel. After discovering that his headshot consistently showed in hoax dating profiles thanks to a Google alert , Army Master Sgt. However, on smaller or niche dating sites like christiandatingforfree.

The top four ways to ace your dating profile

January 19, This has got to be an eHarmony date. Too many matches that did not meet even minimum criteria — location, height, religion, political affiliation, etc. I would rather have fewer matches that actually fit my criteria rather than have hundreds of men that did not come even close to what I had indicated in my preferences.

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Privately,” Prince Shithead says, as we walk inside the castle. Its not like I don’t want to meet his mom in private, it’s just that Well, she scares the shit outta me. I notice we’re walking somewhere else. I shake my head, feeling the anxiety building up. We both stay quiet as I followed him to meet his mother. I could tell that she didn’t like me, and I wish I could say that I didn’t care. She gives me the chills, whenever I see her.

Her makeup is always perfectly done, with her eyeliner wing sharp enough to kill. She always wears blood red lipstick, and her piercing gray eyes just terrified me. In conclusion, she’s exactly the type of woman I want to be. I want to be as powerful, scary, and as dangerous as her. Honestly, I feel bad for her. Like, imagine you were carrying a baby in your stomach for 6 whole months, dealing with the morning sickness, the soreness, and pain and everything, only to give birth to Prince Shithead.

The Road to Abu Ghraib

What was Donald Trump like as a kid? See pictures from his childhood. As a 5-year-old, the boy followed his babysitter on an urban safari, descending into a sewer that was under construction beneath New York City. The light fading, the sitter grew concerned that the boy would panic.

We have already beaten it into everyone’s heads. The only way to get *wealthy* is to start a Company. The only way to become well off is to go into Silicon Valley, Sales or Wall rest is non-sense.

These pieces exist solely because some vacuous turd from the entertainment industry has achieved just enough of a Q rating that his mug will move an extra dozen units of magazines. His selection for that purpose means that, by intent, almost anything about him or what he has to say doesn’t have to be anything other than meaningless. It will still sell magazines. In fact, he can really only achieve the absence of meaninglessness by derailing the gravy train of vapidity with a massive, unintentional fuckup.

In pursuit of people like him run the celebrity profilers, who fall into one of three categories: These appear least often because either the artist demands too much money to be profitable more than once every couple years, accidentally reports the truth and proves himself an entertainment liability or simply shows up the quality of the writing in the rest of the magazine to such a degree that printing him once is embarrassment enough.

The put-upon hack just working his beat — only his beat is Hollywood — who honed his chops on things a fuckload more important than this bullshit, and he’s gonna roll up his sleeves and be in the scene but not of the scene. He peppers his pieces with asides meant to say that he’ll score you a look at the real deal, presenting it as some sort of throwing-elbows-through-the-crowd fight to get at the truth — as if, hey, he really is an artist and not just someone holding out a tape recorder while some airbrushed shithead bloviates publicist boilerplate at him for eight hours one day.

Scott Raab can be 1 sometimes, but just as often, he can be 3. I first stumbled upon Raab by accident, reading Joe Posnanski’s excellent blog. Joe mentioned a “Swear-Off” profanity contest he moderated between Raab and legendary sportswriter and crank Pat Jordan, and I had to read it just to see how the big boys trolled. To be honest, the whole thing came off rather weakly, with some stuff that honestly would get both their asses flamed off on at least four message boards I can think of offhand, but both men won through in the end with some decently sick shit that I think startled even the jaded internet wanks reading it.

Based on that, I had to read more of both guys’ stuff.

You Can Call Me a Doomer, You Can Call Me Whatever You’d Like

He served as a police officer in Las Vegas for six months before being appointed as a special agent with the Federal Bureau of Narcotics , which later became part of the Drug Enforcement Administration DEA. While there, he sold passage on the Phoenix E space rocket, which was hoped to take off from either Edwards Air Force Base or Vandenberg Air Force Base on the th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ voyage to the new world.

Although he claimed in that the first 19 flights of the Phoenix E had been booked, no flights were ever made.

1 JAPANESE ADULT WEBSITE. Please note that: Rcom and Rcom Newsletter contain sexually explicit content. You must be of legal age in your area to view adult material and agree that you wish to view such material.

Your fabulous host, Tiksi, is here to guide you to all the spicy details unearthed in this third round Terribly sorry for the delay there was a miscommunication, and then my college application season: To begin the fun, Team Pokepals takes on Raineko Yuki! Alright, so we’ll start with the basics: What’s your gender, age, occupation and residence if you’re comfortable with sharing? Sweet, is there anything you’re interested in studying when you graduate high school? I’m looking into linguistics mainly right now, but there is plenty of time for that to change.

That’s pretty cool, what languages do you know or would like to learn? I don’t know what else I’ll learn yet. Oh wow, that’s impressive. What’s your favorite part about languages? Well, I enjoy breaking down the aspects of language and analysing the features of it.

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